Clay Man

Student documentary project through TUMO in Yerevan, Armenia. I lead a class of 16 students on documentary film techniques and methods to produce a film about a man in a small village in Armenia who makes tonirs (used for baking lavash) by hand. As of now there are no subtitles for this film.

Zuper - LOPE Success Story
Vixen - LOPE Success Story
Mopsa - LOPE Success Story
Peace & Plastic
Waves in Isle, Minnesota

A Minnesota fisherman recounts his time as a medic in the military.

Icelandic Power Sources

A short film documenting my time in Iceland October 2015.

Bees Die. The Hive Survives.

March 2015 I started documenting the MCAD roof top beehive. I worked with the University of Minnesota's Bee Squad and the Printing Studio director Diana Eicher.  

The Voyage of the Soul

A short documentary exploring the sensation of walking on thin ice.

Watch the film simply.

A film inspired by Andrey Tarkovsky

Soft Bees

Part of an ongoing project to document MCAD's bees. 


Leonard examines an instant in his past in order to escape his actual life.

The Arrowhead

While driving across New Mexico I met a man who knew met me when I was 6 years old. He makes amazing jewelry.

Fifty to One

I visited a maple syrup farm with no running water or electricity. Fifty gallons of maple water makes one gallon of maple syrup.

A Growing Concern

Cattle dogs are both predator and protector.

Occupational Hazards

Rosemary lives, eats, sleeps, and dreams her life on the farm.

Dogs Can Hear Better.

A short documentary about the favorite sounds of wood workers at

You Can't Shear a Wet Sheep

This is a documentary I've been working on for over a year now. It follows the work of David Kier, professional sheep shearer. We've gone to family farms, classes that he teaches, and also a Sheep and Wool Festival he participates in. We've got a few more visits to go before we can start putting this thing together.

Wisconsin Sheep & Wool Festival Website.